Meet Your Warrior Advocates - Your Warrior Law Team

At the Law Office of Will M. Helixon, your Warrior Law Team, our Warrior AdvocatesTM are experienced, respected, military law stalwarts. Drawn from the respected ranks of retired, former, and reserve component judge advocates, each boasts a formidable minimum 5-year tenure in military justice, supplemented by an additional 3 years of dedicated client service and legal assistance. Our Warrior AdvocatesTM have proven their mettle as military lawyers, standing tall in numerous contested courts-martial and administrative board, deploying courageously to the world’s harshest combat zones and contingency operations, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Kosovo, and Bosnia, and mastering the intricacies of national security law and international humanitarian law. 

Our specialty? Defending Warrior ClientsTM grappling with alcohol, substance abuse, and the profound intricacies of PTSD—diagnosis, effects, and treatments. What sets our Warrior AdvocatesTM apart isn’t just their unparalleled expertise, but a fervent, burning enthusiasm to support their comrades-in-arms. This isn’t about mere profit—it’s a profound passion. Driven by an unwavering commitment, vast experience, deep empathy, and genuine compassion, our Warrior AdvocatesTM champion the rights of Warrior ClientsTM with a real desire to help.

Together, this all-star team of military lawyers possesses an awe-inspiring legacy of experience and service: over a century of legal prowess, with 90 of those years shaped in the U.S. Army JAG Corps, serving as senior trial counsels, senior defense counsels, special victim counsels, special victim prosecutors, chiefs of justice, and other leadership roles. With the Warrior AdvocatesTM at the helm, justice isn’t just served—it’s ensured.

                                 You Defend the Nation – We Defend YOU!TM

Dedicated Military Lawyer in Colorado - Warrior Advocate Natalia Helmsing

Natalia Helmsing stands as the embodiment of responsibility and dedication in the vast corridors of military law. Serving as a Deputy Regional Defense Counsel (DRDC) in the U.S. Army Reserves after completing over 7 years on active duty, she personifies the spirit of commitment, continually guiding Warrior ClientsTM ensnared in the complexities of adverse administrative actions, command-directed investigations, and the challenges posed by overreaching command decisions.

Having rendered invaluable service in Afghanistan, not as a Soldier but as a civilian helping service members get their college educations in a deployed environment, Natalia enjoys a rich array of experiences as a military lawyer. From her tenure as a command legal advisor to roles as trial counsel in one of the Army’s busiest military jurisdictions, military magistrate, preliminary hearing officer, and special victim counsel, her influential journey maps a landscape of unwavering dedication, sharpened intellect, and a powerful spirit that remains unbroken even in the face of adversity.But Natalia is more than a military lawyer who rests on her credentials; she’s a force of nature committed to our Warrior ClientsTM. Her approach isn’t just about formulating convincing strategies; it’s about applying the power of experience. Natalia understands

Andre Le Blanc stands as a model of dedication, responsibility, and poise in the realm of military justice litigation. Dre tries cases. Every fiber of his being is instilled with the significance and knowledge of a preeminent trial advocate and military lawyer, honed through years of faithful service. As a retired Army Judge Advocate and a distinguished combat veteran, Dre brings forth an unrivaled expertise in courts-martial, administrative separation boards, and thoughtful advocacy.

His familiarity with the battlefield of military justice is not just cursory; Dre governs it. His role as a Warrior AdvocateTM is marked by unequalled resourcefulness and adaptability. Whether navigating the intricacies of military justice, delving into administrative actions, or mastering military labor & employment nuances, Dre’s composed approach and powerful presence remain resolute in the defense of our Warrior ClientsTM.

His distinguished service as a senior prosecutor, special victim counsel, and deputy staff judge advocate further elevates his stature. With Dre in the lead, our team of Warrior AdvocatesTM gains an influential edge, magnifying our persuasive prowess and deepening our impact.

When Andre Le Blanc stands with you as your military lawyer, victory is no longer a wishful aspiration—it’s a realistic outcome, built on a foundation of commitment, expertise, and unmatched commitment.

Dedicated Military Lawyer in Germany - Warrior Advocate John Caulwell

John Caulwell stands as the essence of enthusiasm, the ideal of composed leadership, and the incarnation of military resilience. Renowned as a Soldier’s Soldier, John’s legacy is etched with the honor of being a retired Army combat veteran, a seasoned Armor Officer, and a two-time recipient of the esteemed Bronze Star with “V” devices. His achievements are not just medals; they’re a testament to his abiding allegiance to our nation and his tough and devoted disposition.

In the domain of military law leadership, John’s influence is unmistakable. As a military lawyer, his commanding presence, stemming from years of engaging with military leaders and senior officers, resonates with authority. As a Warrior AdvocateTM, his specialty extends beyond mere representation; John adeptly responds to GOMORs and Letters of Reprimand, tactfully influences commanders, and serves as an unwavering compass for Warrior ClientsTM braving adverse administrative actions.

With a history as trial counsel, senior defense counsel, and the respected Chief of Justice, John blends courtroom proficiency with strategic military justice leadership and management. His role as a Warrior AdvocateTM isn’t just that of a military lawyer; he is a litigation and military justice force multiplier, amplifying every defense and steadfastly grounding every plea.

Engaging John as your Warrior AdvocateTM isn’t merely about hiring a military lawyer; it’s about enlisting a fortress of protection. With him in your corner, Warrior ClientsTM aren’t just represented; they are shielded by a powerful record of integrity, military justice know-how, and unmatched responsibility.

Dedicated Military Lawyer in Germany - The Warrior Advocate Will M. Helixon

Will M. Helixon is not just a name or a  military lawyer, but a stalwart of unmatched, hard-working commitment, a symbol of powerful military justice litigation, and the perfect picture of composed courtroom leadership. The founder of the Law Office of Will M. Helixon, the Warrior Law Team, the leadership of our Warrior AdvocatesTM rests on his shoulders, a testament to his unparalleled excellence in trial advocacy. With an impressive track record of litigating hundreds of cases before juries, his courtroom legacy speaks for itself. Known as The Warrior AdvocateTM , Will finds comfort, solace, and inspiration in the courtroom.

With an illustrious career as a military lawyer spanning 26 years of both active duty and reserve experience as a judge advocate, complemented by over a decade in private practice, Will’s commitment to the cause of military justice and Warrior ClientsTM is unwavering. Having served as a senior prosecutor, a senior defense counsel, chief of training for all Army military defense lawyers, and a Special Victim Prosecutor, his breadth of military justice experience is both vast and influential.

As a retired, combat-proven judge advocate, Will seamlessly combines the insider’s perspective of Army intricacies with the unbridled liberties of The Warrior AdvocateTM. Whether navigating the treacherous terrains of a capital murder defense as a civilian or defending cases of sexual assault, domestic violence, and premeditated murder within the Army, his proficiency in handling high-profile, complex, and challenging cases is unparalleled. His Warrior ClientsTM are in capable, experienced, and knowledgeable hands.

Choosing Will M. Helixon as your Warrior AdvocateTM is not merely about facing adversity; it’s about transcending it. With Will at the helm of the ship, not only will Warrior ClientsTM navigate turbulent waters, but they’ll be guided to the quiet of calm seas. With The Warrior AdvocateTM by your side, your challenges don’t stand a chance.

Your Warrior Law TeamTM – The Law Office of Will M. Helixon – Your Warrior AdvocatesTM

The Law Office of Will M. Helixon, your Warrior Law TeamTM, with over a century of combined legal experience, has served as Warrior AdvocatesTM in multiple complex and high-profile military cases.  Founded in 2015, and rebranded and relaunched on October 14, 2023, the Warrior AdvocatesTM of the firm represent Warrior ClientsTM in most military law cases, including military justice matters, adverse administrative actions, complex legal assistance issues, affirmative administrative actions, and fundamental military employment problems.

Our Warrior AdvocatesTM defend Warrior ClientsTM in military justice matters including courts-martial ranging from premeditated murder to rape and sexual assault, from BAH fraud to DUI and drug offense, and military offenses from maltreatment of subordinates and sexual harassment to violating lawful orders and insubordination. Our Warrior AdvocatesTM also represent Warrior ClientsTM pending law enforcement investigations, at administrative boards and non-judicial punishment hearings, and in involuntary separations and “chapter” actions alleging misconduct.

Experts in rebutting adverse administrative actions, our Warrior AdvocatesTM represent Warrior ClientsTM facing command-directed investigations and AR 15-6 investigations, responding to adverse findings of investigations and AAIP filings, and answering notices seeking to revoke security clearances and professional de-credentialing.

Pending the need for legal advice for complex legal assistance questions, Warrior ClientsTM routinely rely on our Warrior AdvocatesTM in responding to GOMORs, letters of reprimand, and referred, relief for cause, and negative performance evaluations (NCOERs and OERs), assisting with medical issues such as MEBs and PEBs, navigating centralized board actions such as applications to the service component Board of Correction of Military Records (BCMRs) and Discharge Review Boards, and answering QMP Boards, the DASEB, the AGDRB, SSRBs, and other service-specific boards.

When our Warrior ClientsTM suffer wrongs by their command or fellow service members, our Warrior AdvocatesTM advise and assist submitting Inspector General (IG) complaints, Equal Opportunity (EO) complaints, and Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) grievances and filing complaints and claims under Article 138 UCMJ (remedying command wrongs) and Article 139 UCMJ (compensation for wrongful taking/damage to personal property).

Our Warrior AdvocatesTM also assist Warrior ClientsTM with basic military employment issues including responding to notices of suspensions and terminations and submitting initial applications with the EEOC and MSPB.

Call our Warrior AdvocatesTM at the Law Office of Will M. Helixon, your Warrior Law TeamTM, today to help with your legal issues in Germany, Poland, and the United States.  All our Warrior AdvocatesTM maintain licenses to practice before all military trial courts.Our Warrior AdvocatesTM also assist Warrior ClientsTM with basic military employment issues including responding to notices of suspensions and terminations and submitting initial applications with the EEOC and MSPB.


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